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Introducing Automated e-Signature and Document Processing, built by Sprout, powered by DocuSign

Sprout is proud to announce a new powerful feature called Automated e-Signature and Document Processing (ASDP).

Sprout’s mission is to help teams and employees be more productive and efficient. We have heard from many of you and ASDP is the product of your important feedback and an essential step toward achieving this goal. It will not only save valuable time and financial resources but also help significantly enhance overall efficiency by streamlining legal drafting and data accuracy.

We have partnered with DocuSign to integrate and make the e-signature and document process seamless. 

DocuSign is a pioneering e-signature platform with more than a billion users worldwide and Sprout is proud to be partnering with them to bring magic to a much needed workflow.

The Problem

The processing of ESOP grant letters is very inefficient right now. Manual creation of documents often takes up a lot of time and workforce capital.

For instance, drafting grant letters can take up to 30 minutes per document. Add the time to email, chase and save documents in an organized manner and multiply all that time by the total employees and you have the total number of minutes wasted.

When preparing legal documents, regardless of using a template, you often need to constantly switch between the data on spreadsheets and the document. Under tight time constraints, accuracy could take a hit.

Manual processing of docs to emails and storage can further take a lot of time. Then there are chasing people, located missing signed docs, tracking progress, and ensuring proper document retention.

All of this results in inefficient admin operations and poor employee experience. Moreover, with the growth of the team, manual document processing usually makes the processing increasingly more tedious and slower.

The Solution

With Sprout’s ASDP, the whole process of creating ESOP grant letters, merging it with employee data,getting it processed and saved in Sprout’s data room will only take an amazing 5 minutes. 

To find out how it works or see a demo, please contact our overly excited team at or schedule a demo today.

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