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Sprouts loves working with partners who have clients that need help managing their cap tables, ESOP and stakeholders. Become our Sprout Partner today – upsell your business and market to new customers.


Digitally issue and track shares and options with ease. Sprout keeps cap tables up to date with absolute accuracy and much less effort.

Accounting / CoSecs

Delight and show your clients you are on the cutting edge and can access to the best resources. Maintain compliance and prepare them for fundraising.


Accept all your securities and receive access to cap tables and scenario models. Unify your entire portfolio’s information with the same set of lenses.

Selected Partners


People Empowerment

Financial and Corporate Services

Data and Enablement

Current Offers

“We have received numerous compliments from our clients when we use Sprout to manage stakeholder information. With live updates and tracking, we all can get back to business.”

  • Trusted by partners globally
    Join hundreds of companies who use Sprout to manage their important stakeholder information, track investments and to issue digital shares.
  • Manage all your portfolio companies
    No more late nights consolidating cap tables and spreadsheets.  Onboard all your companies onto Sprout and manage your holdings and their information under a common set of lenses.
  • Provide timely, consistent services
    Eliminate human error and impress your clients with our powerful equity management tools. Use Sprout to leverage your expertise and go deep.
  • Upsell and offer Sprout as a solution
    Leverage Sprout as a digital companion to compliment and bundle with your existing services. We offer partnership solutions to meet different use cases.

Our Partners

Trusted by hundreds of companies in ASEAN

Trusted by hundreds of companies in Europe

Trusted by hundreds of companies in Africa, Middle East and Central Asia

Trusted by hundreds of companies in The Americas

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