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Token and ESOP

A Comprehensive Solution to Manage Equity and Tokens

Sprout provides equity and token management solutions for forward thinking organizations. We consolidate equity, token wallets and team compensation providing business intelligence, accountability and governance. 

Sprout - Ownership

A Simpler Way to Manage Ownership?

Better understand and manage team compensation, whether ESOPs or token vesting. Streamline workflows with our powerful templates and automation tools. Reduce paperwork and overhead and generate business intelligence and financial reports of stock-based compensation, fair market values and individual tax calculations. All via Sprout’s full-service data migration, consulting, self-service and AI options.

Employee ESOP

Move Beyond Spreadsheets to Digitally Manage Your Ownership

Grant and exercise share options, issue shares, record warrants and convertibles, track vesting, digital wallets and transactions all on one platform. Build a single source of truth for ownership. Eliminate errors, deliver insights and create governance for stakeholders.

Sprout Intelligent Fundraising

Intelligent Fundraising

Our scenario modeling and virtual data room with access tracking confidently signals governance and fundraising prowess. Glean valuable behavioural insights and continue storytelling through the data room visits. Sprout enables early organization of share option plans to avoid fundraising delays or option repricing issues.

Trusted by hundreds of companies

Trusted by hundreds of companies

Trusted by hundreds of companies

Trusted by hundreds of companies


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