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A Trusted Stakeholder Management Solution for Shares, ESOP and Everything in Between.

Sprout helps companies learn and digitally manage all their stakeholders, stock options, fundraising and cap table.

ESOP and Vesting

Attract, delight and retain your employees with Sprout’s training, templates and self-service tools. Design stock options plans, including RSUs, RSAs and phantom stock. Create and track different vesting as part of the entire journey to the cap table.

Cap Table Management

Manage your cap table, issue digital stock certificates and maintain your registrar — all in real time. Automate stakeholder management with personal accounts. Track investor preferences and create customized stakeholder reports.

Fundraising and Tools

Run Sprout’s powerful scenario models to plan your fundraise and analyze investor term sheets. Calculate the impact of new investments on shareholder dilution and run exit models to test sensitivity analysis. Run a secure digital data room with investor access logs.

Individual Shareholder Accounts

Save time and overhead with self-service accounts so your investors, employees and shareholders can access personal information without having to request it from you and your busy team.

  • Onboarding at warp speed
    We have worked hard to make onboarding easy. Our expert team will review your information and check it for accuracy to get your company onboarded quickly.
  • Dedicated and responsive support
    Connect with our team to receive help, education and, sometimes, a new feature you need. We are only an email, chat app, Slack or online chat away!
  • Single source of truth
    Manage all your shareholder information in one place. No more offline scavenger hunting. Settle your differences with precision and accuracy.
  • Manage all your shareholders
    No more screenshots and back-and-forths with stakeholders. Sprout’s self-service platform provides user-friendly accounts for individual stakeholders.

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