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Introducing Sprout’s Managed Services

Sprout Managed Services streamline your adoption and management of equity and tokens

When Tony and I launched Sprout 4 years ago, our original intention was to provide a better “mousetrap” than current solutions.  As product guys, we spent time thinking about “the exceptional user experience” and honed Sprout platform to be easy to use and user friendly.  We spent time looking at what was available in the marketplace and we’re both inspired as well as excited to disrupt the status quo.  

Over time, we interacted and listened to hundreds of entrepreneurs and teams. We built features that didn’t exist but what people wanted and honed our fledging solution.  Along the way, people kept asking us questions about equity, ESOP and token management and they appreciated and valued the advice that we provided as startup operators and practitioners. 

Moreover, when companies struggled to onboard their own data and, fresh off a new round of funding, forgot how to update their data, we stepped in, made life easier and delighted them with our services and expertise.  Despite feedback from the industry and investors, we bucked the system that defined SaaS (software as a service): growth through an “intuitive” platform with self-services alongside a bunch of instruction manuals.  Instead of following the herd, we leaned into the stark reality and what’s endemic in our business… and it’s been staring us right in our faces:

People need more than just software. 

Today marks a special culmination of our learning and our journey where we continue to take another step off the beaten path.  Equity and token management isn’t easy, and let’s be real, there will never be a magic wand that will make anyone a subject matter expert in this space. Even subject matter experts have their limitations and no amount of training / retraining will substitute for an experienced team with existing boots on the ground.   

Sprout’s Managed Services, officially yours

Meet Sprout’s Managed Services – the evolution of the Sprout / Folium solution designed to simplify and streamline your adoption and management of your equity and tokens, allowing us to do what we’re supremely good at, while you and your team focus on what you’re good at – growing your business.

Unparalleled Expertise

Sprout has always been at the forefront of supporting our customers with optimizing our platform with full service onboarding, consultation and data management services. With Sprout’s Managed Services, you gain an extension of your HR, finance and legal team around equity, ESOP and tokens, with direct access to the very team who built the platform and who will work seamlessly with you and your team. Your data is not only protected, but is also checked for errors to ensure you remain in compliance with your local regulators.

Time and Cost Savings

Sprout’s Managed Services is a significant reduction in time and effort learning how to and managing your data on a day to day basis. Sprout’s team takes care of these essential tasks, eliminating training (and retraining) new and existing people on how to manage Sprout. In our current environment of cost-cutting measures and headcount downsizing, you can now outsource this to our team, save on headcount and leverage the speed and expertise of Sprout’s specialists, all at a fraction of the cost.

Part of New Pricing Plans

We’re now including Managed Services in the form of credits (a la your favorite cloud services provider) as part of Sprout and Folium subscriptions.  First time subscribers will enjoy a first batch of service credits as part welcoming you and your stakeholders onto Sprout, no strings attached and free.  Combined with our competitive annual subscription plans for using the platform itself and it’s an offer you cannot refuse!  

About Managed Services

Data onboarding: Our professional team will onboard your data, however complex or tedious, and digitize it into our platform. Hand us your cap tables or just cocktail napkins, we’ll sort it all out for you.  

Ownership structuring and ESOP consultation: We always get questions about how does ESOP or token vesting as compensation work, how to structure the best long term incentive plan, or are we doing team compensation right.  These questions along with our custom education program along with general guidance on ownership structures, fundraising scenarios are all part of how we help teams better manage investors, shareholders and cap table for the future. 

Data Management: New investors, employees or both? Departing employees to sort out? No problem! Hand us your data, we’ll check for errors and update it onto Sprout.  No need to do anything, just sit back and watch how the sausage is made (or not).  

Service tiers

Sprout’s Managed Services offer two service tiers – Standard and Priority Services to cover all kinds of circumstances and priorities. Our services ensure rapid turnaround times for critical tasks, with corresponding turnaround times to complete tasks. This flexible level of responsiveness allows you to address time-sensitive matters promptly and efficiently.

Flexible Pricing Plans

As part of our Managed Services, Sprout will also be adjusting our pricing plans to include these new benefits.  We understand that every company is unique, and their needs may vary. That’s why Sprout’s Managed Services will be part of our new pricing plans, which accommodate stakeholder groups of all sizes. Whether you have 30 active users, 300 or 3,000, there’s a plan tailored to suit your requirements at a price and business value you cannot find anywhere else.

Ask us today
If you want to enhance the efficiency of your equity and token management processes while reducing costs and accessing expert assistance, Sprout’s equity and token management platform combined with our new Managed Credit Services is the solution for you. Embrace this opportunity to transform your operations and unlock the full potential of your business.  View more details, check out our new plans here.

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